The search for the perfect Greek isle

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The search for the perfect Greek isle

I am prospecting in Greece for a future tour – an adventure considering that I don’t speak the language. After much research, found the ideal island tucked away in the Cyclades, far less obvious than the three most visited (Mykonos, Santorini, Ios), but every bit the paradise.  There are literally thousands of islands to choose from, but since I was searching for an island with the typical white-washed villages, I chose among the Cyclades.  The island of Sifnos offers picturesque white villages of varying sorts – a quaint harbor, charming perched village above the sea, remote fishing village, hill towns and beach hamlets.

apollonia_karenThe capital of Sifnos island, Apollonia, a small town spread over 3 hills.

Artemonas_medThe town of Artemonas as seen from the windmill on high, islands of Paros and Anti-Paros in the distance.

apollonia_church_medOne of 365 churches on the island ~ a one for every day of the year.  Each church maintained by a different family native to the island.