My favorite chocolate in Paris?

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My favorite chocolate in Paris?

Want to know my favorite chocolatier in Paris?  That’s a loaded question, and a difficult one for me to answer, since I like several and they sometimes change.

But I can easily tell you about my favorite Chocolate Tour & Tasting which we do with my group each year when visiting Paris.  Chocolate connoisseur and certified guide Iris from Paris Walks guides us on a 2-hour walking tour ~ a journey of historical anecdotes centered around chocolate peppered with architectural marvels, including an enchanting “covered passage” in Paris (les passages couverts are the stylish covered walkways that were THE place to shop and socialize prior to the 1840s when the grands magasins, such as Galeries Layfayette, were constructed)

cotedefranceOne of my favorite chocolatiers, Côte de France, on the Avenue de l’Opéra

chocolate_tour_tasting_medTasting the house chocolate, 1936, at Côte de France

chocolates_medDelicious array of chocolates ~ endless possibilities

chocolate bars_HevinPure dark chocolate bars – nothing but pure chocolate and cocoa butter chez Jean Paul Hevin.  We could call this liquid gold.

patedefruitTired of chocolate?  Try pâte de fruit, real fruit cooked down to a paste and cut into squares.