La Tarte Tropézienne

“Le Star des desserts et le dessert des stars.”

The legend of the famous “tart” from St. Tropez dates from 1955. The story begins when Polish baker, Alexandre Micka, flees Poland after WWII, bringing with him to Saint-Tropez some of his grandmother’s recipes, including one for her ‘cream cakes’. He opened a bakery on the Places des Lices, home to the lively weekly outdoor market, and where locals gather and play pétanque. In addition to traditional French breads, pastries and viennoisseries (croissants), he also sold the Polish cream cake; made from scratch and completely by hand, with sugar boiled in copper cauldrons.

Alexandre Micka was asked to cater pizzas and sandwiches for a film crew working in nearby Ramatuelle, on a film called “And God Created Woman” with then unknown actress Brigitte Bardot. He had the good idea to offer samples of the cream cake to the film crew. B.B. was crazy about the cake, as was the crew; legend has it that she suggested baptizing it as “The Tarte of St. Tropez”. And so begins the legend of “La Tarte Tropézienne.”

25 years later, Alexandre Micka, having no heir, sought in vain for a successor, a serious professional to whom he could entrust the reins of his business. It was not a detriment to have spoken to many of his concern. As far away as the Haute-Savoie region, where he often vacationed with family, Micka confessed his growing worry to many, notably to Monsieur Dufrêne, whose son is named Albert. Destiny took care of the rest … 5 years later in 1985, Albert Dufrêne left Annecy for the adventure of working side-by-side with Alexandre Micka who, 6 months later, ceded to him his business (and along with it, his famous recipe).

Albert Dufrêne, keeper of the original recipe, understands well that the difference between his authentic recipe and that of an imposter can be detected from the very first bite. Without Albert, the recipe would surely have been lost forever.

The original La Tarte Tropézienne bakery & pastry shop on the Place des Lices

“La Tarte Tropézienne” has become not only the town’s most famous pastry, but also a chain of patisseries of the same name. The company has kept the original process, and still makes La Tarte Tropézienne entirely by hand using only the freshest ingredients.