Trip Testimonials

We all had such a wonderful time, seeing the beautiful areas you brought us to in a way that most visitors do not, and tasting the delicious cuisine that most are not able to try.  Thank you again for your very thoughtful and interesting plan to make us feel “French” for the time we were there.  It was everything that we hoped for and more!  Please feel free to use Ray and I as references, as we will give you the best possible commendation.” Mike M., New Orleans, LA (Normandy & Brittany, 2015)

“Rita and I had a great time.  It was truly a “bucket list” trip for us.  The food was great and the pace of life in Brittany was wonderful.  Hope to see you again.  Don’t forget, we have a guest room just for you and yours.”  Ray B., New Orleans, LA (Normandy & Brittany, 2015)

“What a way to travel … a dream come true for five dear friends, truly a trip of a lifetime.  Your skill, your genuine, caring manner, and delightful excursions are unbeatable.  Thanks for the memories.  Until next time,”  Carolyn, Pat, Dana, Karin, and Cindy, Harrison, AR  (Paris, 2013)

“We couldn’t think of a single thing you could have done to improve on the fabulous week we spent in Paris.  We had such a wonderful time and are still talking about our memories.  Thank you for an exceptional travel experience.” Lynne B., Eureka Springs, AR (Paris, 2013)

“Karen, I really loved it all.  You were so willing to help at any time.  I loved getting to know you!  Thanks for making everything so easy for us.” Dana S., Harrison, AR (Paris, 2013)

“The combination of leadership, activities, and travel companions made this wonderful trip extraordinary.” Joe R., Berryville, AR  (Paris, 2013)

“Best “Tour” I’ve ever taken!”  Fran R., Berryvile, AR (Paris, 2013)

“I would not change anything.  The docent you used was over the top, made my trip.  Fine job, Karen.  A memory to cherish.” Woody B., Eureka Springs, AR  (Paris, 2013)

“Everyday was so full of greatness!  I loved every [activity] and all the new experiences!  I loved the food and the places we stayed, too!” Jerry Ruth G., Eureka Springs, AR  (Normandy/Brittany 2013)

“Karen, it was a great trip!” Sallye H., Rogers, AR  (Normandy/Brittany 2013)

“Don’t see how the meals could have been better.”  Charles G., Eureka Springs, AR  (Normandy/Brittany 2013)

“I had so much fun on this trip….I am already plotting to be on your Brittany/Normandy trip [next year].  The sooner I can get my flight, the more likely I can use my miles on American.  I tell everyone that you are a great tour guide!!!  You have planned a good variety of activities and the size allows everyone to feel like it’s not a touristy trip.  Thank you so much.”  Sallye H., Rogers, AR  (Provence & French Riviera, 2012)

“I want to thank you again for all of the work and energy that you put into our trip—it was one of the best groups I have ever traveled with and I am still processing all of the beautiful things that I experienced during the time that we traveled together.  I am so, so grateful that you have shared your France with me! I have been deep into my work over the past two weeks, and the memories from your lovely trip keep me inspired on the more draining days.”  Jody V., Denver, CO  (Provence & French Riviera, 2012)

“A thousand thank you’s”  “Dear Karen, it seem such a long wait to get home (yesterday) and to email you to thank you so, so much for being such a wonderful host. [We] loved every minute of our time with you and could not believe all your care, attention to detail, charm, humour and competence…. every single day. You are very good at what you do and very very nice as well!!!!  We both laughed our head off when your driver met us at the train in Paris, headed off with our luggage and then stopped to read a message from you. “Have you got the Wallaces?” Then after he had told you he did, he started laughing and said he didn’t know how to translate your text …… his best attempt was … “Mother chicky happy”…. [We] loved Scotland and then Switzerland (but it was not the same without you looking after us!) and then a few more days in Paris.  Thank you again for everything Karen. Happy days to you and your family and hopefully we might join you for another trip some day soon.”  J. Wallace, Tasmania, Australia (Normandy & Brittany, 2012)

“Gosh, looking at the photos just now is making me swoon for another trip with you all over again!  This trip goes down in the history books for sure!  As does Normandy & Brittany! All life changing to say the least!”  Karen Z., Los Angeles, CA  (Provence & French Riviera 2012)

“We are still talking about how wonderful our Paris trip was. Thank you so much for being a super tour director.”  Betty G., Fayetteville, AR (Paris, 2011)

“I had a wonderful time this week combing through these photos and reflecting on my wonderful memories of our trip. Many thanks to you all for such a lovely time!”  “I’m so glad that you enjoyed the France photos! Every time I look at them now, I am reminded of how wonderful a trip it was—many appreciations to you for making each day special and filled with wonder!”  Jody V., Denver, CO (Normandy/Brittany, 2010)

“The trip was fantastic and you did a great job. Our apartment was charming and in a great location. I loved eating both in and out, going to market, all the museums, including the Musée Louvre.” Sandy W., Rogers, AR (Paris, 2007)

“Karen, you did an excellent job of getting us everywhere, of allowing us to do our own thing. The in-house dinner you planned was so much fun and a wonderful experience ~ one of my favorite memories.”  
Shari B., 
Eureka Springs, AR (Paris, 2007)

“I loved having the metro pass & the museum pass. I’ve been to the Louvre several times and I get overwhelmed, but our private guide was great! And taking it in sections was perfect. I was pleasantly surprised. You did well! I am pleased!”  Jerry Ruth G., 
Eureka Springs, AR (Paris, 2007)

“We especially enjoyed the string concert in the Ste. Chapelle, our side trip to Chartres labyrinth, and medieval concert with that great contra-tenor.”  Bill H., Holiday Island, AR  (Paris, 2006)

“I was pleased with the location of our accommodations and pace of activities.”  Al L.,
Eureka Springs , AR (Paris, 2006)

“I loved it all! Each was a new adventure. The food was to die for! Our lunch at Versailles, and the Opera, wow!! Thanks a bunch for all your hard work. I’m looking forward to another trip.”  Lavania F., 
Fayetteville, AR

 (Paris, 2006)

“I loved being so close to shops, market, patisserie, etc. Thanks for being so helpful.”  Marianne L., 
Eureka Springs, AR (Paris, 2006)