Culinary Journey to Greece

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Culinary Journey to Greece

It is said that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest in the world.  In the Mediterranean, the people say that the Greeks have the healthiest diet.  It surely has something to do with olives, fish, vegetables and herbs…

Join me on an exciting culinary journey to Greece, where authentic dishes such as these await your palate …

With our culinary guide we’ll track down the best souvlaki in Athens
Photo courtesy of Culinary Backstreets


Greekksalad_sifnos_medEach time you order a Greek salad, they will ask if you want feta (from Crete) or the local island cheese.
This is a Greek salad with Sifnos cheese.

Greek salad with feta from Crete

chickpeas_squid_beet med
Fresh squid with chickpeas and beetroot purée ~ out of this world!

Baked feta at the roof-top restaurant in Athens

honeyCake_medA honey cheesecake made with local goat cheese from the island of Sifnos, along with almond meal ~ delicious!

You know what this is, right?  The delicate layers are light and airy, the honey & walnut is lightly perfumed with rose

Thick & creamy Greek yogurt smothered in island honey ~ this is the real thing!

The bounty of the food market in Athens
Photo courtesy of Culinary Backstreets