Private Cooking Classes

group of friends

A group of high school best friends who call themselves “The Fabulous Five” (and they are!) comes to Eureka Springs for a girls’ get-away.

Learn to cook with your friends or family!

Private cooking classes

Private cooking classes are available upon request.  Cuisine Karen hosts private cooking classes in the home of Patrice & Karen Gros in Eureka Springs, or the class may be organized in your home, or at a venue of your choice.  Private classes are a delicious way to celebrate birthdays, bridal showers, holiday parties ~ or any time you have a special occasion to celebrate with friends or family. Gift certificates for a private cooking classes are available.

You and your friends or family will enjoy an intimate time of gourmet food and fun.  French Culinary Instructor Karen Gros will share her passion for high-quality food, and provide you with culinary techniques and tips, as well as copies of the recipes.

Choose which type of class you prefer, either Culinary Demonstration Class or Hands-on Culinary Class (see class descriptions) and schedule a date with Chef Karen, who will then assist you in selecting the dishes to be featured in class.

Prices:  Groups smaller than six may participate; however, the minimum charge for a private demonstration class is $390, and the minimum charge for a private hands-on class is $480.  The hands-on class price includes a glass of wine paired with the main dish.  The price is all inclusive; and covers shopping, ingredients, instruction, supervision and assistance, copies of recipes, and a tasting luncheon comprised of two full-portion dishes plus salad and freshly baked bread.  Please note that certain ingredients, such as beef tenderloin and locally-raised meats, incur a $50 supplement.  For off-site events beyond a 30-minute radius, there is a supplement of $50.


Terms and Conditions

  • Billing conditions: To reserve, 30% of the total bill will be required. The remainder of the bill must be paid the day of the event. The exact number of participants must be confirmed at least one week in advance of the cooking event. The final bill will be based on this number of confirmed participants.
  • Making Your Reservation: Reservations for a private cooking class must be placed at least two weeks in advance of date of cooking event. In order to best satisfy your needs, it is recommended to reserve at the earliest possible date. In order to maintain high quality and freshness of proposed products, Karen maintains close contacts with local producers and suppliers, and thus reserves the right to modify the menu or certain selections depending upon availability and quality.
  • Cancellation Policy: In the event of the cancellation of a private cooking class, refund of the deposit will be calculated upon the following conditions:
    1. Cancellations up to one month before date of cooking event:  100% of deposit refundable
    2. Cancellations between 2-4 weeks before date of cooking event:  50% of deposit refundable
    3. Cancellations less than two weeks before date of cooking event:  Deposit not refundable

In event of cancellation on the part of Cuisine Karen due to illness, accident, other personal trauma, or external hazard, you will be given the choice of a 100% refund of your deposit or to reschedule your private cooking class.