Private In-home dinners: Your Personal Chef

Private In-home dinners:  Your Personal Chef

Are you in the mood to entertain, but not cook?  You choose the menu, and Chef Karen will manage the rest!

The concept is simple:  You invite the guests to dinner, and Chef Karen does the cooking ~ in your home.  Together, we plan the menu.   Karen may advise wine pairing, if desired, to accompany the meal.  Chef Karen takes care of everything ~ the shopping, prepping, cooking, serving, AND clean-up.

Whether for a casual buffet or a sit-down dinner, Chef Karen will assist you in making your event a beautiful and delicious lasting memory.  In keeping with French tradition, guests will be served a 3-course menu comprised of:  starter, main dish, and dessert.

carmelized onion tartlets mixed nuts olives

Mini caramelized onion tartlets with fresh thyme served as appetizers with mixed nuts and olives

Locally grown kale Caesar salad with homemade croutons

Locally grown kale Caesar salad with homemade croutons

What to expect:  Karen will purchase the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, choosing among the best local suppliers.  The day of the event, Karen will arrive at your home at least one hour in advance of your guests’ arrival to begin preparation.  The meal will be prepared and served in a friendly, upbeat, and enthusiastic manner.  In your kitchen, discretion is assured and a thorough clean-up after the meal guarantees your continued enjoyment of your guests.  The interior of your home has become, for one evening, the unique and charming restaurant that you have always looked for.

Prices:  Contact us for pricing and terms.