A day in Champagne

The pleasures of champagne are historic. According to legend, Madame de Pompadour said “champagne is the only wine which leaves a woman more beautiful after drinking.” In 1961 Madame Bollinger replied to a journalist from the London Daily Mail when asked about her consummation of champagne, “I drink it when I am joyous and when I am sad. Sometimes I have some when I am alone, and I consider it obligatory when I entertain. I play with it when I don’t have an appetite, and I drink some when I’m hungry. Otherwise, I never touch it, unless I’m thirsty.”


“If I were not the King of France, I’d like to be the Prince of Ay” (the princedom of champagne) Henri IV

“I cannot live without champagne; in the event of victory, I deserve it; in the event of defeat, I need it.” Napoléon Bonapart

tribaut_tastingTasting the favorite champagne of my father-in-law ~ Tribaut-Schloesser Brut Rosé